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The Sectaurs were ahead of their time in design, sculpture, and articulation. The figures towered over most other hero toys of their era, had unbelievably detailed accessories, and the innovation called "Hands-In-Action" for the ride-on creatures was nothing short of genius.


Sectaurs action figures hit toy store shelves in the Spring of 1985 (not '84 as their Copyright stamp suggests) to an already crowded boys toy market. A market ruled by the likes of GI Joe, He-Man, & The Transformers but also jammed with second tier action figures properties fighting for the coveted middle ground dollars. Especially when the store pegs were empty of the big names, which was often. Power Lords, Dungeons & Dragons, Crystar, and gobs of others had all premiered and either failed or had marginal success against these juggernauts. So it seemed Sectaurs already had a lot to work against, but despite having the odds stacked against them Coleco was confident they had a hit on their hands.


Where as most kids loved their buggy appearance, more than a few moms found them disgusting with their multiple eyes, fangs & fur. That coupled with the fact that the basic Sectaurs figure cost nearly twice the amount of a Masters of the Universe figure and two & a half times for a GI Joe, the Sectaurs had their work cut out for them from the start. But, the mere fact you're here on this site proves that the concept and toys had staying power in the imagination.


In the coming months, we'll be presenting a full gallery of these amazing figures. For the time being, enjoy a look at the toy catalogs that showcased these unique figures.

1985 Catalog
1986 Catalog

The 1985 catalog introduces us to the world of the Sectaurs with some nice imagery of each figure, their insectoid companion, the Hyve playset, and the Power Cycle

The 1986 catalog recaps the available figures, and offers a tantalizing (and painful!) glimpse at the figures meant for Series 2. You'll be seeing much more of Series 2 in future updates!

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