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Prince Dargon

Born to King Markor™ The Mighty, and heir apparent to The Shining Realm™, Prince Royal Dargon™ is a natural leader. With Mantor as his tutor, he has come to respect his duties. Dargon's inner balance greatly enhances his own natural strength, speed and endurance.
Extensively trained in the use of all conventional Sybionic weaponry, Dargon chooses to defend himself with a Skall™ shield and Vengun™—an automatic weapon that discharges venom-dipped darts. The potent venom of the darts cause instant unconsciousness, but does not kill.
Dargon is telebonded to his steed, Dragonflyer™—the prize of the Shining Realm's famed Stables of Symbion and the fastest winged insectoid of all. His razor sharp fangs, endurance and great tolerance for pain make him a valuable ally in any combat situation.
Dragonflyer is a gentle giant, protective of Dargon without being obtrusive. Competent and intelligent, he prefers to stand in the background. Like his master, Dragonflyer understands the strength that inner balance can bring, making him a perfect telebonded companion to Dargon.

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