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Here's where you can connect with other fans! See their creations, submit your own, and check out the forum. Also, don't forget to like our Facebook page.

We want to showcase your fan art and customs! You can post your art in the forum or e-mail us to submit your art or pictures of customs. Please see the specifications for more information.

Fan Creations

SUBMITTING YOUR WORK: E-mail us your work, or post it to the Discussion Forum. By submitting your work you're certifying that it's your work and that we have permission to post it on We reserve the right to refuse any submissions. Please send JPGs. We prefer them to be a minimum of 800px wide. Please include the following info:


Title: (Name of the Piece)
Artist Name: (How You Want To Be Credited)
Description: (Optional)
Media: (Optional)
Your Website Link: (Optional)

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