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Although Sectaurs was relatively short-lived as a toy line, it produced a large amount of tie-in media, merchansides and promotional material thanks to Coleco's efforts to really push the concept.

The Animated Series

Five animated episodes were produced by famed Burbank, California-based studio Ruby-Spears Productions. The mini-series was shown in syndication starting in September of 1985. The cast may sound familiar to fans of other popular properties in the 80s, as they also lent their voice talents to series such as Transformers, Super Powers, GI Joe, Scooby Doo, and The Real Ghostbusters. The series has never officially been released on DVD.


Arthur Burghardt:

Spidrax, Spiderflyer


Peter Cullen:

Mantor, Skito, Toxcid


Laurie Faso:

Zak, Bitaur


Dan Gilvezan:

Dargon, Dragonflyer


EPISODES: (Click for Episode Guide)

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Five

Episode Four

Peter Renaday:

Pinsor, Battle Beetle


Neil Ross:

Waspax, Wingid


Frank Welker:

Skulk, Trancula


BJ Ward:



The Marvel Comic



Dan Distefano (Episodes 1 & 2)



Janis Diamond (Episodes 1, 2, 3 & 5)



Ted Field (Episode 4)



Matt Uitz (Episode 5)







Marvel Comics produced eight issues of Sectaurs starting with the first issue in June of 1985. The storyline of this comic hewed much more closely to the style guide than the animated series.

ISSUES: (Click to Read Comic)
ISSUES: (Click to Read Comic)

Each Sectaur toy included a mini-comic that spotlighted the character or playset it came with. The Hyve playset often came with the World of Symbion comic, however, so it is the rarest of all of the mini-comics.

Other Books

The story of the Sectaurs also came to life in the form of various storybooks (hard cover and soft cover) and coloring books.

A ton of fun ancillary merchandise was created for the kid who wanted to show his love for the Sectaurs in all sorts of ways—whether through buttons, theme books, tote bags and more!

General Merchandise

A few promotional/informational items were created such as a style guide, a newsletter and toy catalogs.

Promotional Items
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