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Humorless and lacking social graces, Pinsor™ comes from a peasant background. However, as Dargon's fiercest friend, he is utterly reliable. His massive claws and great physical strength make conventional weapons seldom necessary, and also serve to offset his own inability to lead.


Pinsor's many years as a soldier have gifted him with an amazing instinct in battle—he can intuitively sense danger, such as a possible ambush. Loyal and eager to please, Pinsor would not hesitate to lay down his life for Dargon.


Battle Beetle™, Pinsor's telebonded Steed, requires constant attention to keep him from going berserk. Fueled by nervous energy, always moving with great speed and agility, Battle Beetle is happiest in the thick of combat. There, he completely loses all control and is incapable of restraint until each opponent has been thoroughly smashed and incapacitated. Only Pinsor's soothing voice and gentle manner keep Battle Beetle from being a true menace.

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