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Skito™ has a well-earned reputation as "The Sly One": a sly, treacherous sneak with a vampire's taste for blood. He is as vicious as he is cunning and clever, and has no loyalties save himself. The sound of his low, chilling laughter is often heard as he commands his tribe of savage, misfit mercenaries. In combat, Skito favors the rapier—a single stalk of Skall™ honed to a lethal, piercing point.


Toxcid™ is Skito's telebonded insectoid, who is capable of firing a paralyzing stream of venom from his snout, incapacitating a warrior for a matter of hours. He has six legs and moves quickly and silently. He easily sneaks up on his victims and always attacks from the rear.


Skito enjoys mistreating Toxcid. He delights in Toxcid's low intelligence—when the insectoid misunderstands Skito's telepathic commands, Skito unleashes a torrent of humiliation and torment. And, although Toxcid is thoroughly miserable with his lot in life, he fears his master so much that he would never consider turning on Skito

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