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A foundling left to die on the steps of the Empress Devora's court—Skulk's life was spared by Devora™ on a whim when she accepted him as her stepson. Raised in the fawning, deceitful atmosphere of the court, Skulk™ cultivated the facade of a submissive and servile toady in order to curry favor.
Beneath his cringing exterior, however, is a talent for politics joined to a hateful spirit, filled with spite. His true nature remains hidden until he becomes involved in intrigue. There, he revels in the death and destruction he causes. Skulk's multiple eyes give him special night vision, making him best suited for scouting and espionage missions. In fact, Skulk disdains battle, preferring to dispatch his victims’ long distance, by means of poison or a silently hurled dagger.
Skulk is telebonded to his steed—the huge many-eyed Trancula™. Brutal and sadistic, Trancula's gigantic paws grasp and crush, his jaws rip through virtually anything as he scurries quickly over the carnage he's left behind. Without Skulk's constant prodding, Trancula is easily distracted by his enormous hunger. The longer Trancula is denied food, the angrier he becomes.

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