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General Spidrax

Cold, calculating and ruthless—driven by an insatiable desire for power—General Spidrax™ is totally devoid of all positive emotion. Outwardly dedicated to the service of the Empress, his real ambition is to seize control of the Dark Domain and then... all of Symbion™.
A master in weaponry, Spidrax prefers using the ancient Skall™ shield, and a whip fashioned from the venom-tipped antenna of the dreaded Triceralon™, one of the most feared beasts of Symbion.
Spidrax is telebonded to Spiderflyer™, who trusts no one but Spidrax himself. Like his master, Spiderflyer has multiple eyes (three of which are open at all times) and can see simultaneously in many different directions; it is almost impossible to creep up on him.
Spiderflyer's most valued asset—beside his great strength and powerful front pincers—is his venom-coated web which instantly renders his victims unconscious.

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