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Egotistical and ambitious, Commander Waspax™ affects the perfect "spit and polish" appearance. He is in constant competition for the favors of the Empress, and is obsessed with winning; he will go to great lengths in any contest, no matter how trivial, to ensure victory.
As Commander of the Empress' elite corps of Sting Troopers, Waspax is an expert swordsman. He possesses knowledge and natural ability with bladed weapons that are second to none. He chooses a saber of finely honed Skall™ as his usual weapon.
Waspax has trained his telebonded insectoid, Wingid™, as an assassin. Wingid is armed with venom-tipped antennae; he quickly streaks from the sky, strikes his victims and zooms away. In flight, Wingid is limited to short distances—and although he is capable of pulling his master from danger, he cannot be ridden.
Wingid is as arrogant as his master. He is very capable, and knows it. Strutting about and basking in his master's glory, he lives on the edge, taking risks for the sake of danger and excitement.

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