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Zak™ is ruled by his passions; he's young, aggressive and brash, with a hair-trigger temper. "Thinking is best left to dull philosophers who have nothing better to do anyway!" He believes that his childhood friend, Dargon, is a tad too serious for his own good, and that the pursuit of wine, women and song is best.
Once highly placed in King Markor's Royal Guard, Zak was demoted for his wisecracking insolence. Now he leads a highly skilled group of commandos in Markor's army. His weapon of choice is the Slazor™—a gun that discharges gas-filled pellets that explode on impact.
Zak is usually assisted in battle by his telebonded insectoid, Bitaur™. Bitaur fights like a demon possessed, but he is basically lazy and avoids work and conflict whenever possible. Bitaur's ill temper often serves Zak well, since Bitaur tends to take it out on his master's enemies.
His razor-sharp teeth can cut through anything, while his armored jaws grasp with incredible power. Bitaur's impervious shell makes him invulnerable in most battle situations.

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